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"HONK If A Kid Falls Out" Jeep, SUV, van, bus, or any vehicle

"HONK If A Kid Falls Out" Jeep, SUV, van, bus, or any vehicle

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This peel and stick vinyl decal will arrive measuring at 6.5x3.21.
Perfect for your bumper or window.

Made in the US - Vinyl Decals come in three pieces:
1. Top layer is a transparent transfer tape. It'll hold your decal or sticker together until it is applied.
2. Middle layer is the decal/sticker. It is in between the application tape and the backing.
3. Bottom layer is the paper backing. It protects the adhesive (back of decal or sticker) until the decal is ready to be applied.

Application Tips:
1. Clean surface before applying. Do not apply on extreme cold or hot surfaces.
2. Try not to touch the adhesive backing, it'll become less sticky the more you do.
3. Before applying your decal or sticker make sure there is no wax or oily products on the surface.

Application Instructions:
1. Rub the top layer into the bottom layer sticker to be sure the transfer tape is properly adhered to the sticker.
2. Remove the paper backing slowly, making sure the sticker stays adhered to the transparent transfer tape.
3. Carefully position the sticker to the desired area.
4. Rub the sticker from one side to the other, eliminating any air bubbles. Use an object like a credit card to make sure the entire sticker is fully adhered to the surface.
5. Slowly remove the transfer tape at a 90-degree angle, making sure no part of the sticker remains on the transfer tape.
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