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Honey And Halo

Pebble Art Kit

Pebble Art Kit

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Making Pinterest worthy Pebble Art is as EASY as it looks!

Everything Required is in one kit! Directions are as simple as... 

  1. Arrange the pebbles
  2. Tack in place with supplied adhesive
  3. Hang your masterpiece for display!

Makes a great gift, both as a kit for the DIY'er or a finished project made by you! 

What's Included:

4x6 (Kit#1) and 5x7 (Kit#2) 

  • Frame with backing 
  • 1/2 lb cleaned stone pebbles 
  • 3 bird beads 
  • 2 small twigs 
  • one single use rock glue (E6000) 

8 x 10 (Kit # 3)  

  • Grey washed wood frame
  • 1 lb of clean stone pebbles
  • 3 bird beads
  • 3 small twigs
  • 1 single use rock glue (E6000). 

Our kits include more than enough pebble / rock quantity and variation to complete any project within the frame.  Additional pebbles are available for those who have more projects in mind!


Need kits for a small group, classroom project, or family fun? Message us for group kits!

Looking for inspiration on what to make? Click this link to search 
Pebble Art on amazon. You will find many pre-made designs, even see the price benefit in building your own!

After creating our own pebble art with our kids, we realized other families would enjoy making memories together like we did! Stone Art, Rock Art or Pebble People are great gifts for every occasion!

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