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PINECIL TS100 TS101 TS80P HS-01 Power Supply and Battery Pack

PINECIL TS100 TS101 TS80P HS-01 Power Supply and Battery Pack

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Need a Power Supply for PINEcil? or even TS100, TS101, TS80P or even HS-01?

We compiled some links to the devices we tested and trust! To use a 4S drone battery, keep scrolling to learn more about the listing on this page!

65W USB-C Wall Charger

65W Power Bank

65W Power Bank (can't beat the price on this one!)

These are links to the best in class smart soldering irons (in case you don't have one yet!)

TS101 Soldering Iron
TS80p Soldering Iron



These are paid links and we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

The innovative PINEcil soldering iron's don't come with a power supply... so we came up with a wireless solution to get you soldering ASAP. This allows you to solder free of the outlet. The power supply included to charge the battery will also directly power the PINEcil! The battery charges in approximately 1 hour and provides hours of un-tethered soldering with a single charge.

Here is what is included:

  • Case for Battery
  • Battery to Soldering Iron cable
  • Battery Charger
  • Power Supply
  • Power Supply Adapter for tethered soldering
  • Voltage Monitor

No need to worry about what is in the way of the cord. It is perfect for throwing in your bag and taking into the field, or cleaning up your work area with tether free soldering. Works with PINECIL, TS101, and similar soldering irons. Battery should be unplugged from soldering iron when not in use.

Soldering Iron (not included)

PINECIL This smart soldering iron has adjustable temperature as well as motion sensing allowing a sleep mode. It can be powered with the battery pack or the charger's power supply with adapter.

Battery Pack

The top of the battery pack case was designed for simple storage of the soldering iron during and after use. The battery pack contains a 4S LiPo Battery. Case needs to be purchased from this site or our etsy store. Inside the case the battery is connected to the barrel jack( DC5525 )needed for the Pinecil and TS100 battery below.

Tattu 4s LiPo with XT60 for PINEcil

Ovonic 4s LiPo with XT60 for PINEcil

Battery To Soldering Iron Cable

Cable connected inside of the batteries protective case.


LiPo balance charge that charges the lipo above. The power supply used for this charger can also power the pinecil directly.

Voltage Monitor

Not necessary for PINECIL. For TS100, plug this in while soldering, to monitor the battery voltage. Beeps when battery is approaching its minimum voltage, CHARGE TIME! Available in Advanced Packages.


What Is Included?

  • Battery Pack & Case
  • Charger
  • Battery To Soldering Iron 5.5mm X 2.5mm Barrel Jack
  • Voltage Monitor

Battery Details:
4S (14.8V)
DC5525 Barrel DC Jack.

The Fnirsi HS-01 is great soldering iron, however it can only be powered by USB-C. Here is a link to our recommended power supply for Finirsi HS-01.

LiPo batteries are found in everything, cellphone to laptops. However, they can still be dangerous. By purchasing, you accept all liability for safe operation. Normal inspection of battery is recommended. which should never be discharged below 12V, or damage can occur. PINECIL soldering iron has a built in feature designed specifically for this batter pack. Simply select the "4S" option in the menus, and it will turn off when needing charged. If not using for PINECIL, such as TS100, it is suggested to purchase the optional voltage meter with audible alarm when approaching recharge voltage.

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