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Reptile Hide Cave or Aquarium

Reptile Hide Cave or Aquarium

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Your reptile will feel secure and safe in this reptile hide. Draconian design gives your little guy a stylish place to rest. Secure in place with suction cups, however will stand on it's own. Also submersible for aquariums. Both have smaller exit hole on the side so the little ones don't feel trapped.

The "Jumbo" style was created in partnership with a customer to fit her Jumbo Hermit Crab(approx 3" diameter shell). Features a removable ladder that the steepness is adjustable with height.

What is Included:

o    Hide
o    Two attached suction cups

o    Hide
o    Two attached suction cups
o    Removable 6inch ladder

The standard does not come with the ladder.

Perfect for Leopard Gecko, Lizard, Snake, Bearded Dragon, Diogenes crab, or even in the fish tank!

Its made from ECO friendly materials, easy to clean.

Your little buddy can snuggle inside, hide away and feel totally safe and secure.

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